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Guarantee Mechanism

Combining with our own reality and drawing on the experience of the industry, we have established a research and development system, a quality system, a performance system and various management norms to meet the needs of our customers. From the technical, quality, human resources and management point of view, we constantly optimize the protection mechanism, so as to achieve the systematic benign automatic operation of management. We uphold the people-oriented, give full play to human creativity and initiative, serious, efficient spirit of struggle and creative energy to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Scale Advantage

The existing equipment configuration of our company can meet the production and delivery of 10 million optical modules per year, and we have reserved nearly 10,000 square meters of expansion space. We have realized large-scale production from supply chain, planning, quality and delivery, with better cost control ability, relying on rich resource configuration to meet the needs of customers in different scenarios, and gained scale benefits.

Time To Volume

We have integrated the optical module industry chain: from COC production, coaxial TO packing, OSA production to COB optical engine production, optical module product assembly and testing, which lays the foundation for rapid response production. At the beginning of the program selection, standardize device selection, and achieve rapid mass production, which greatly shortens the product development cycle and achieves rapid delivery


We have a clear strategic direction to guide, with our development team's advanced technology R&D capabilities and rich product experience, optical devices and optical modules products towards the industry's high-end direction of continuous expansion. We have accumulated more than 170 intellectual property rights. The application of invention patents such as “electromagnetic radiation design technology”, “optical device design technology” and “test device for improving dynamic range” has greatly improved the success rate of product innovation. A benign technology development model has been formed in the company, which provides sufficient technical guarantee for product innovation and lays the foundation for long-term innovation and development.

Customer First

We will serve every customer with sincerity, honesty, honesty and enthusiasm. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

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